La Baita Formaggi, in addition to being one of the oldest cheese shops in Bologna, is also one of its most famous. It is stocked with hundreds of Italian, French and Spanish cheeses. Fans of pecorino cheese, made of sheep’s milk, will marvel at the many kinds found here, including semi-soft and seasoned pecorinos from places as far flung as Sardinia and Maremma. Here we also find goat cheeses, including an unusual goat’s milk Gorgonzola. Inside the display case are tray upon tray of different kinds of mozzarella made of buffalo milk and cow’s milk, and other soft cheeses like scamorza, mascarpone, mousse and squaquerone. Among the soft goat’s milk cheeses are seasoned ricottas, shaped like little cakes and topped with paprika, black pepper or chives.


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